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Sketchboard Kits

DSC00188The sketchboard is the centre-piece of the SOWERS Program. It attracts the people to the meeting and makes the Gospel message relevant and memorable.

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Training Manuals

P1010345Teaching manuals are used for training church teams at Level 1 and 2. They are in a number of main languages and enable people to be trained in their mother tongue.

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Counselling Booklets

counselling booklets 4A counseling booklet is a simple Gospel presentation in words and pictures. These booklets have proven to be very effective in helping enquirers to understand the Gospel, to come to Christ, and to know how to begin to live for Christ.

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Follow-Up Lessons


This ten lesson course is used to help new converts to begin their Christian walk.

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Contact Tracts

Contact tractsThese are small leaflets which share the Gospel simply.

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